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    Paul Kalkbrenner presents “BACK TO THE FUTURE” tour
    It was December 2014 when Paul Kalkbrenner spontaneously decided “to rediscover the music of his youth”, he remembers. This time travel would form the basis of “BACK TO THE FUTURE”.
    He ended up listening to more than 5000 tracks and started editing just for himself. There’s a real glint in Paul’s eyes and a sense of euphoria in his voice when he talks about “BACK TO THE FUTURE” and the 80 songs he has brought together. Given that these private mixtapes have suddenly become public goods he was seized by the “responsibility of a chronologist”, he calls it.
    For there was a zeitgeist, a feeling that goes with this music, and it mustn’t be left out of the story. That’s why Paul has taken time to capture the freedom that could be felt in Berlin in those days. With the end of the DDR a mood of new possibilities prevailed in the not yet reborn capital. “A lot of what we wanted was impossible. We thought that all wars would be over forever. But without the fall of the Berlin Wall and all of the crazy people from Eastern Germany, techno would never have gotten this big. The wastelands, power stations and slaughter houses for the parties were all in the East.” So with “BACK TO THE FUTURE” Paul Kalkbrenner wants to “retrieve this optimistic feeling that dwindled away, if only for a couple of hours”.
    He uploaded his tapes for free, 1.5 million downloads later the next step was obvious: A “BACK TO THE FUTURE” live tour.
    As ever with Paul, he’s dreamt up something really special for these live shows. Instead of the big arenas he performs at usually, he will play small venues on the “BACK TO THE FUTURE” tour. This is about recreating the club feeling of the early nineties. Paul knows what the tour should evoke: “I am going to recreate the parties that I never could attend back then: from the flyers to the imagery on location to the chill-out area. That is only possible in venues that are smaller than the ones I usually perform at. My fans will experience a more intimate and exclusive live show.”

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