• Kris Tin DJ
  • Biography

    “Profound and enticing yet dark and intense..”

    Recognized for her heavy sound and ability to influence the crowd, Lebanese artist Kris Tin was born in Beyrouth and raised in Montreal. Her evolution in the music industry has grown exponentially over the past two years, making her a renowned local in the heart of the city.

    Like many artists, Kris Tin has always used her emotions as her biggest source of inspiration. Whether it be deep and melodic or dark and haunting, her passion for music combined with her spatial fascination consistently fuse together to create a unique sound. Although Kris Tin generally leans towards minimal and techno, you’ll notice she’s extremely musically diverse.

    “I don’t like to limit myself to a particular style. Instead I enjoy reading and surprising the crowd. Every audience is different, therefore the energy I’m fed is what enables me to perform accordingly and deliver a set that always defines me with a twist.”

    Kris Tin often plays at venues such as Salon Daomé, Velvet, and StereoBar to name a few. She has also performed at Piknic Electronik, AIM Festival and Igloofest. Her milestone moment when she opened for the legendary Carl Cox left her no choice but to set high expectations for herself. Her objectives for 2017 include producing unique sounds and making herself stand out as an individual as well as a musician.